Neil P Turley
| (801) 854-8659 | Round Rock, Texas, US
McCoy Global Inc - Lead Software Engineer 2019-11 — Present
  • Maintained embedded microcontroller firmware (C)
  • Developed Data Acquisition/Reporting Software for Pipe Drilling Sensors (LabVIEW)
  • Managed AWS resources and build pipeline infrastructure as code (Terraform, CloudFormation)
  • Implemented HTTP API endpoints that accessed database (C#, DynamoDB, AWS)
  • Added frontend features to web application (Angular, Typescript)
  • Wrote API specification and validation framework (OpenAPI, AsyncAPI)
  • Authored software development processes (e.g., planning, sprints, test periods, releases)
  • Created manual test procedures and authored manual tests for desktop application
  • Set up automated build/test CI system for desktop application
National Instruments, RIO Software - Staff Software Engineer 2014-01 — 2019-11
  • Wrote FPGA System Integration for Five RIO Product Lines (LabVIEW, VHDL)
  • Worked on Electron-based Automotive Database Editor (Typescript, React)
  • Created a Test Result Analysis Framework (Python)
  • Designed and Implemented Test Automation Frameworks (Python)
  • Designed and Implemented a High Speed Data Transfer API (LabVIEW, VHDL, C++)
  • Ported LabVIEW FPGA RIO Driver to Zynq Platform (C++)
  • Proposed and Developed Hardward Anti-Cloning Mechanisms (VHDL, C++)
  • Implemented CLIP Generation Utitility (C#, LabVIEW)
  • Presented a Technical Session at NI Week 2017
BYU Physics Department, Nuclear Research Group - Lab Assistant 2010-10 — 2013-06
  • Writing Data Acquisition Software (C#, C)
  • Designing Digital Circuits and Layout (Mentor Graphics)
  • Assisting Professors and Students to Collect and Analyze Meaningful Data (MATLAB)
Brigham Young University 2008 — 2014
Bachelor - Computer Engineering
  • Computer Architecture
  • Embedded Systems
  • Real-Time OSes
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Operating Systems
Sing Together Online (
  • Virtual childrens choir web application
  • Manages song assignments and user submitted recordings
  • Buildless, client-only design using HTM, Preact, and Firebase
Latchup 2018: Netlistsvg (
  • Presented about schematic visualization software
  • Github repo has over 230 stars
NIWeek 2017: Host Memory Buffer
  • Introduced a low latency DMA interface
  • How to optimize control loop determinism